Learn Hypnosis and Get
Hypnotherapist Certification
(IACT, IMDHA-USA) in Malaysia

Hi, welcome to www.johnleehypnosis.com and John Lee Hypnotherapy Centre!
My name is John Lee, a Certified Master Trainer for the International Association of Counsellors and Therapist (IACT) and a Certified Instructor for the International Medical and Dental Hypnotheraphy Association (IMDHA) from USA. I am also the founder and the President of Malaysian Chapter of IACT/IMDHA.
I invite you to learn HYPNOSIS, a very powerful mode of therapy, as well as “EnergsisTM;, which is a powerful combination of energy healing plus hypnosis. You will be able to learn much more than hypnosis from my courses without extra fees! I am of course also the founder of “EnergsisTM

All training classes and therapies are conducted at John Lee Hypnotherapy Centre at Subang Jaya, which is an approved training centre for IACT and IMDHA, USA.

As a Certified Master Trainer (highest instructor status from IACT), I am fully qualified to teach and guide you to reach your objectives. 70% of my lessons will comprise of hypnosis demonstrations of real life situation e.g. how to overcome sleep disorders, stress, fears, bad habits etc, in which students will be involved and experienced the sessions themselves.

There are 2 main objectives you can derive from my hypnosis courses, which are certified and approved by the IACT, IMDHA and International Hypnosis Association (IHA, USA) :


LEARN SELF-HYPNOSIS and solve your own problems and bad habits – to enhance your health, improve your emotions and life in general.

Many issues can now be helped and alleviated in the privacy of your own mind. By using SELF-HYPNOSIS you don’t have to tell anyone about your problems or about your past. The power to help yourself is completely within you. The effort to help yourself is within you. You will learn to reprogram your subconscious mind. Change old, outdated programs with new insights, new realities, new discoveries. Update your programs with new positive and beneficial data. Discover “unconscious learnings”. SELF-HYNOSIS is used by many professionals, athletes, leaders, entertainers et cetera.



Our IACT and IMDHA practical curriculum Hypnosis courses are especially useful for people engaged in the ‘caring / healing professions’. Health care and medical professionals, teachers, human resource managers, consultants, counsellors, energy healing practitioners, social workers and therapists can take advantage of the applications of hypnosis in their respective fields.

Simply put, with Hypnosis, you can TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE and HELP OTHERS AS WELL!

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About John

“Driven by passion and
compassion to help”

I am a Certified Master Trainer and Certified Hypnotherapistwith the International Association of Counsellors and Therapists (IACT USA). A Certified Master Trainer is IACT’s highest trainer status apart from its regular Certified Instructors (CI). I am Malaysia’s first and only Certified Master Trainer at the time of writing.

I am also the founder of “Energsis(TM), which is a combination of energy healing plus hypnosis (a first in Malaysia) and I look forward to serving you.

I conduct Hypnosis and “Energsis(TM) training courses at John Lee Hypnotherapy Centre in Subang Jaya, Malaysia, an approved training centre for IACT and IMDHA, USA.

Our teaching staff is multi-lingual and therefore classes can be in English, Bahasa Malaysia and Mandarin.

Here are the courses I offer:

Two (2) Days “Energsis(TM) Course

A 2 days program with a combination of energy healing plus hypnosis (a first in Malaysia).

Four (4) Days Basic Hypnosis Course

A 4 days program to teach students to master hypnotic skills to meet individual’s healing objectives or target goals besides learning hypnotic theories. Students would be able to hypnotize themselves and others during the class.

Eight (8) Days Certification Hypnosis Course (Certified by IACT, IMDHA and IHA)
(Accredited by Alpha University, Alabama USA)

An 8 Day program whereby students will obtain the necessary skills to engage in hypnosis. Students will be certified by IACT, IMDHA and IHA.

Certificates are charged separately.

I have also toured the mainland and east Malaysia of Sabah and Sarawak conducting seminars, lectures and demonstrations for Colleges, Companies and also performed live public hypnosis and “Energsis(TM) demonstrations

My ability as a Certified Master Hypnotherapist and Hypnotist has helped many to overcome issues and become happier and healthier in their lives.

Come and join my classes, and allow me to help you to achieve your objectives.

Should you have any enquiries, just click CONTACT to communicate with me.

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